Enterprise Recruiting Technology for the Retail Industry

Talemetry delivers an ultra-personalized, consumer-quality candidate experience that values retail and hourly candidates as individuals, while scaling for the needs of high volume recruiting organizations. With the leading enterprise recruitment marketing platform, Talemetry empowers retail organizations to proactively source, attract and engage a continuous flow of talent to address the challenges of high volume hiring.

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Continuous Recruiting Challenges Across the Industry

Hiring quality workers for retail and high volume positions is extremely difficult in today’s talent market. Organizations must have a continuous flow of candidates to fill needed roles, and must factor in increased candidate demand especially during peak seasons. With little control of talent flow, the high cost of job advertising, a lack of quality pipeline, time-to-fill averaging around 30 days, and upwards of 65 percent turnover, retail organizations constantly face challenges in attracting enough quality candidates to meet the needs of their business.

Further compounding these recruiting challenges is the impact of the candidate-consumer relationship. When retail or hourly candidates have a poor experience in their talent journey, they are less likely to buy from a company in the future. This increases pressure on high volume recruiting organizations to give retail candidates an exceptional experience to positively impact consumer perceptions and improve business outcomes.

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Tailored Solutions to Address Ongoing Recruiting Challenges

Talemetry provides an award-winning enterprise recruitment marketing platform to empower retail and high volume recruiting organizations to attract enough high-quality talent and ensure a continuous flow of candidates. With the leading candidate relationship management solution, organizations can source, engage, nurture and convert high quality retail talent at scale. Talemetry also offers intelligent recruitment advertising, personalized recruitment content, engaging talent journeys, AI powered candidate engagement, and instant communication with on-the-go candidates via chat and text, to attract and connect with internal and external retail candidates faster and more cost effectively. Plus with consolidated candidate profiles, recruiters can view candidates in a single record, regardless of how many sources they originate from. 

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We had not hired that many people in one day in our history. We attribute this to the strategic use of email campaigns utilizing our existing talent base. This will be an annual event going forward.

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Leading National Retailer

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Strategic Recruitment Marketing Solutions for Retail and High Volume Hiring Organizations

  • Icon_1_Retail Deliver consumer-quality experiences that value retail candidates at the individual level, while scaling for high-volume recruiting.
  • Icon_2_Retail Strategically and proactively source, attract and engage a continuous flow of retail talent and pipeline for future high-volume hiring.
  • Icon_3_Retail Reduce external advertising costs to avoid paying for retail candidates multiple times, while viewing candidates in a single, consolidated profile.
  • Evolve_Logo Leverage award-winning recruitment marketing technology and the world-class EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework to execute an interconnected, multi-channel retail recruiting strategy.
  • Icon_5_Retail Segment high-volume jobs as a key talent audience to build personalized recruitment content across targeted microsites, email campaigns and SMS/text messaging.
  • Icon_6_Retail Optimize retail candidate outreach through AI powered candidate engagement across the talent lifecycle.
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Prioritize High Volume Jobs and Deliver Personalized Experiences

Talemetry empowers retail and high volume hiring organizations the ability to segment volume jobs as key talent audiences, and then build personalized recruitment content, microsites and multi-channel outreach, including email campaigns, SMS/text messaging and AI powered candidate engagement, across the retail talent lifecycle. With chatbots for 24/7 assistance, Talemetry recruitment marketing technology powers an ultra-personalized experience for hard-to-fill retail roles. Talemetry delivers a hyper-personalized, consumer-quality candidate experience with our candidate experience solutions that value retail and hourly candidates at the individual level, while scaling for the needs of high-volume recruiting organizations.

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Optimize Retail Candidate Outreach Through An Integrated, Multi-Channel Strategy

Talemetry provides leading-edge technology through its enterprise recruitment marketing platform and offers a world-class delivery model to guarantee recruitment marketing success for retail organizations through the EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework. This enables retail organizations to effectively leverage and connect all six recruitment marketing process areas, and execute their high volume hiring strategies across a diverse, multi-channel strategy to optimize retail candidate outreach.

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The quality of the candidates was the best we have ever seen. And even in a difficult retail environment, our organization experienced first-hand how attracting quality talent can make a big impact on the bottom line.

Hiring Manager, Large National Retailer

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