Candidate Relationship Management

Talemetry provides the leading candidate relationship management solution with modern recruitment automation tools to simplify multi-channel outbound marketing activities and build relationships with candidates.

Streamline Communication

Using your proprietary talent database, leverage our integrated recruitment CRM to streamline communication with the latest outreach channels, including native text recruiting. Provide personalized content and modernize engagement with candidate-centric recruiting AI to drive conversion each step of the way.


Make Your Outreach Channels More Effective

Talemetry CRM offers easy management and support for your multi-communication channel approach, so you can focus on the outbound marketing channels that develop, deliver and optimize targeted candidate outreach.

  • CDW
  • UPMC
  • Qualcomm
  • Office Depot
  • Yale-Newhaven Health
  • Weatherford
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Modern Recruitment Tools for the Modern Recruiter

  • crm-icon-1-rebranding Simplify multi-channel communication outreach
  • crm-icon-2-rebranding Track effectiveness of outbound marketing activities
  • crm-icon-3-rebranding Categorize candidates by strategic audience
  • crm-icon-4-rebranding Measure and increase candidate conversion
  • crm-icon-5-rebranding Deliver personalized candidate experiences
  • crm-icon-6-rebranding Fill future demand with proprietary talent pipelines
Success Story
Success Story

Leveraging Talent Relationships from the Leading CRM to Execute a National Hiring Day

When one of the largest U.S. retailers wanted to support seasonal hiring demands by executing a national hiring day, it leveraged Talemetry CRM to expand its reach to broader talent channels. With a strategic, well-coordinated approach, the hiring day featured multiple candidate communication channels, including emails, social posts, internal communications and in-store signage.

The Talemetry CRM supported the hiring event for the national retailer to deliver outstanding results. By extending its reach to broader channels of talent, the company received 31,000 applications from email and 75,000 applications overall from multiple integrated campaigns. The application rate increased by more than threefold and the one-day event resulted in the retailer making 18,000 job offers with only a 1% fail rate on background checks. Never before had the organization hired so many people in one day in its entire history.

Expand Your Reach for Talent

Modern recruitment requires modern tools for all your sourcing, outbound marketing and candidate engagement activities. Our recruitment CRM supports multi-channel outreach and expands your reach for talent so you can simplify your recruitment marketing results.

We had not hired that many people in one day in our history. We attribute this to the strategic use of email campaigns utilizing our existing talent base. This will be an annual event going forward.

Talent Acquisition Leader
Leading National Retailer

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How an Exceptional Candidate Experience Boosts Hiring Results

Organizations today make substantial investments in their sourcing, recruiting and talent acquisition initiatives. Yet some companies lack tangible results to demonstrate their efforts are worthwhile. Brandon Hall Group’s 2018 Candidate Experience Survey found nearly one-third of organizations have more than 20 percent of their candidates drop out of the recruiting and hiring process.

So what can organizations do to improve their success rates in making quality hires? Watch this webinar now featuring the latest research from Brandon Hall Group to learn how you can deliver exceptional candidate experiences to improve your hiring success.

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