Show Candidates You Value Them

2_Start Personalization Process Profile
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    Personalized Candidate Path

    Deliver personalized content to empower the candidate journey and build ongoing relationships. Easily optimize content individual candidates see based on visitor information and browsing history.

3_Intelligent Search
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    Intelligent Search

    Access smart jobs powered by the Google Cloud Talent Solution Job Search API. Give candidates search functionality that is specifically made for them.

4_Relevant Jobs at Every Corner
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    Relevant Jobs

    Show relevant jobs specific to each audience. Deliver personalized job recommendations based on candidate history and information.

5_Dynamic Job Descriptions
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    Dynamic Jobs

    Serve tailored, dynamic job content based on each candidate’s experience and background.

7_Consumer-Quality Application Process
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    Application Process

    Provide an easy, mobile and social-enabled apply process for candidates. Reduce candidate drop off and increase application conversion rates. 


Talemetry powers the most intelligent, automated and relationship-based candidate experience solutions to give candidates personalized experiences throughout their journey.

Solutions That Put the Candidate First


Consolidate candidate profiles into a single record


Develop and deliver personalized campaigns to deepen relationships


Modernize candidate engagement through AI powered candidate experiences


Convert candidates at the individual level with targeted activities


Offer personalized, predictive job recommendations


Simplify and streamline the application process


How an Exceptional Candidate Experience Boosts Hiring Results

Organizations today make substantial investments in their sourcing, recruiting and talent acquisition initiatives. Yet some companies lack tangible results to demonstrate their efforts are worthwhile. Brandon Hall Group’s 2018 Candidate Experience Survey found nearly one-third of organizations have more than 20 percent of their candidates drop out of the recruiting and hiring process.

So what can organizations do to improve their success rates in making quality hires? Watch this webinar now featuring the latest research from Brandon Hall Group to learn how you can deliver exceptional candidate experiences to improve your hiring success.

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