Talemetry Intelligent Messaging

How modern talent acquisition teams connect with job seekers

In a world where beginning a relationship happens online at the swipe of a finger, why are we still trying to connect with talent over missed calls and crowded inboxes?  Make a good first impression by meeting candidates where they are – the phone that’s always in their pocket.

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“To stay ahead of the competition, the recruiting process has to be
quick, easy, and painless for the candidate.”

– Scott Day, former SVP of People and Culture @ Opentable

Increase your response rates

Stand out from crowded email inboxes with recruitment text messages that empower candidates to send quick responses at their convenience.


Gain compliance and visibility

If your recruiters are already texting candidates from their personal numbers, a centralized text recruiting platform gives the team shared access to active conversations and stores transcripts of past conversations.

Enhance your candidate experience

Texting is more convenient and conversational than email, so it’s no surprise that text is the preferred channel of 60% of job seekers.


Leverage artificial intelligence (AI)

Unlike email or phone calls, text can leverage AI for recruitment automation by initiating conversations to surface promising talent – without compromising the candidate experience.

Talemetry Intelligent Messaging
accelerates your hiring process

Talent acquisition teams using Talemetry Intelligent Messaging software complete
screens in 4.4 minutes, disqualify in 52 seconds, and save 922 hours per year.

Recruitment Automation

With textbot, recruiters can assess and prioritize job seekers without tapping a finger.

Job seekers simply answer a customizable series of questions and are tagged, and textbot takes the desired action based on their responses.

And since textbot is available 24/7 to handle thousands of simultaneous assessments, recruiters are free to focus on your best fit candidates.


Add Text to Your Recruitment Marketing Mix

Bring your recruitment marketing beyond email with the ability to send a text to thousands of job seekers, keeping your talent pool engaged.

Response rates are significantly higher for email than for text, meaning more applicants to open roles. In Talemetry Intelligent Messaging, candidate responses to mass texts kick off one-to-one threads with the recruiters, so you can keep the conversation moving forward and get a faster time to hire.

This is a game changer! This is how you get RN’s to respond! We set up tons of interviews yesterday in a fraction of the time we normally do.

George Cobb
Talent Sourcer, Arkansas Children’s Hospital


Automatically Intake Resume Data

Candidates can simply text a photo or screenshot of their resume and their candidate profile is automatically updated with contact information and employment history.

There’s no more time-consuming manual data entry for your candidates or your recruiters, so you can provide a great candidate experience without slowing down your talent acquisition team.


Integrate Texting into Your CRM

Because Talemetry Intelligent Messaging is embedded in the Talemetry CRM, texting happens where recruiters are already working and where candidate profiles are stored.

There’s no new vendor to manage, database to maintain, or tool to log into. Reporting is centralized so you can see your texting performance alongside other recruitment marketing metrics.

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