Enterprise Recruiting Technology for the Financial Services and Insurance Industries

Talemetry partners with some of the largest financial services and insurance organizations globally, supporting enterprise recruiting and optimizing recruitment marketing, to modernize candidate engagement and attract a highly diverse workforce. With the leading enterprise recruitment marketing platform, Talemetry empowers global companies to find, attract, nurture and convert financial and insurance services talent at scale to drive ongoing business performance.

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Global Recruiting Challenges and Workforce Disruption

The financial services and insurance industries are facing a number of disruptive trends as a result of convergence, consolidation and globalization. Accompanying this transformation is significant disruption in attracting, nurturing and converting enough high quality talent, especially tech talent, to keep up with the demand of the changing global workforce. To drive operational efficiencies and ensure they have the best talent available at their fingertips, financial services and insurance businesses must leverage integrated technologies and centralize their talent acquisition operations.

Based on the growing operational needs of these industries, a lack of consumer trust and an aging workforce, financial services and insurance companies are also experiencing a significant talent gap and intense competition for talent. To improve the consumer experience and overall business performance, talent acquisition leaders need to find candidates with a customer-centric mindset and ensure they have ready access to a steady pipeline of talent by bringing together disconnected recruitment processes to attract and hire the right talent more quickly.

Modernizing Talent Acquisition for Financial Services and Insurance Organizations

Talemetry enables large financial services and insurance organizations to navigate the changing global landscape and address the intense competition for top talent, especially in-demand tech talent, with the leading enterprise recruitment marketing platform. Talemetry empowers enterprise companies to reach hard-to-find financial and insurance services candidates faster and more cost effectively, Talemetry supports the largest global and multinational organizations in their recruitment marketing efforts to modernize sourcing, candidate attraction and candidate engagement by building a proprietary talent database to creating robust talent pipelines for the future, delivering hyper-personalized experiences, engaging with candidates with AI, and connecting with on-the-go candidates via chat and text.

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Talemetry has helped us make significant improvements in our recruiting effectiveness and efficiency. I know of no other vendor who could have combined the capabilities, integration and services for such a large and complex project.

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Modern Recruitment Marketing Solutions for Financial Services and Insurance Organizations

  • Icon_1_Financial Enhance enterprise recruiting and optimize recruitment marketing activities to modernize outreach and engagement for financial services and insurance candidates.
  • Icon_2_Financial Improve sourcing and candidate attraction with integrations to proven job boards, reaching hard-to-find financial services and insurance candidates faster and more cost effectively.
  • Icon_3_Financial Deliver hyper-personalized experiences for targeted outreach through custom micro-sites, tailored recruitment content and AI powered candidate experiences.
  • Icon_4_Financial Create a proprietary talent database of top financial services and insurance candidates to build a robust talent pipeline for the future.
  • Icon_5_Financial Leveraging cutting-edge candidate engagement technology, like chatbot and native SMS/text messaging capabilities, to enhance outreach.
  • Evolve_Logo Guarantee recruitment marketing success by leveraging the award-winning EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework.

Prioritize Key Talent Audiences and Deliver Personalized Experiences

Talemetry empowers financial services and insurance companies to identify both key talent audiences for critical job families, customer-centric candidates, as well as strategic audiences for diversity hiring, to attract and hire top candidates most important to their business performance. Talemetry also enables hyper-personalization for targeted candidate outreach to key audiences with our candidate experience solutions that deliver personalized recruitment content, AI powered candidate engagement and SMS/text messaging to on-the-go financial services and insurance talent.

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Enhance Outcomes By Integrating and Modernizing Recruitment Marketing Processes

Talemetry offers the leading enterprise recruitment marketing platform and an award-winning methodology to meet the recruiting needs of large-scale financial services and insurance organizations, and guarantee their ongoing recruitment marketing success. The EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework empowers global recruiting organizations to connect each recruitment marketing process area, and then deliver an interconnected omni-channel strategy that optimizes candidate outreach and engagement for top financial services talent.

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A global financial institution, with 80,000 employees, matured its recruitment marketing process and saw overall application conversion rates increase to 57 percent, with some job categories increasing to 97 percent. And with more known candidates in the CRM, the company reduced external advertising costs by nearly half.

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